Rock a Bye Baby

Rock a Bye Baby

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This kid/mommy friendly body butter starts with a creamy base mixture of 100% Pure Butter & High Grade Organic Carrier Oils. It is a game changer once infused with the essential oils of Chamomile & Lavender. This whipped lullaby will ‘ROCK’, you, your ‘BABY’ & your joint pains to sleep 💤 


✨✨Aids in the soothing & protecting : relaxation, scars, pain, chafing, acne ​Dry skin, anti aging, SPF eczema, irritation, Moisture​ Retention. Softens & strengthens hair, promotes growth, Scalp Health​, adds shine &  Luster​​… SO MUCH MORE !


✨Shea Butter | Mango Butter | Coconut Oil | Organic Golden Jojoba Oil | Avocado Oil | Sweet Almond Oil | Organic Chamomile | Organic Lavender


*Usage Directions*

Apply head to toe daily. For best GLO, use on damp skin and exfoliate 2-3 times a week. 

KID AND CARRYING MOM FRIENDLY. Will not cure or treat any ailments or diseases. Do not leave in extreme temperatures. DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE LISTED INGREDIENTS.